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Music Videos

all videos directed, shot, and edited by miten soni, with $0.


 I'll make you a video for free. email me

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The End by Dollar Signs

Dollar Signs are from Charlotte, NC

"The End" is the first track from their record Yikes.

Two Months Sober by The Florida Rooms

The Florida Rooms are from Chicago, IL

"Two Months Sober" is from their record

"1 Year: A Guide to Finding What You Love"

I Am a Child of Satan by Wally Tusk

Wally Tusk is Miten Soni's band from Chicago, IL.

"I Am a Child of Satan" is from their record

"The Greatest Depression"

Rock and Roll/Transitions by Davey Dynamite

Rock and Roll/Transitions are from the record Holy Shit by Davey Dynamite & Friends, from Don't Panic Records.

Youngblood by Arkham

Arkham was a hardcore band in Chicago, IL.

They disbanded years ago, but I still like this video we made for them in college.

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